Martinis / Drink Specials

The Stage Door Cosmo

Kettle One vodka, Cointreau, splash of lime and a splash of cranberry

Dirty Goose Martini

Grey Goose Vodka with Dry Vermouth and Olive

The Ultimate Appletini

Stoli Gala Applik vodka, apple pucker with a sugar rim

Park Ave Long Islander


Kettle One vodka, Bacardi rum, Jose Gold tequila, Tangarey gin, Cointreau, splash of sour and splash of coke

Raspberry Cosmo

Stoli Raz vodka, Blue Curacao, lime, splash of cranberry, with a sugar rim

Break a Leg Margarita

Patron tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, splash of sour with a Grand Mariner float and a salted rim